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Equipment is needed as part of providing services for FCE, FJA, POET and WR.

 WorkWell offers a source for purchasing equipment as a convenience but does not require it be purchased from our site. Purchase Equipment.

Course Bundles

If you’re getting ready to expand services, these bundles offer a convenient list of what to take. The best news? When you register for an in-person program and an Easy Train subscription, online courses are included at no additional cost.

Employer Onsite Curriculum Hot service. Growing fast.

In-person Core Programs

  • FJA
  • Onsite Services: Practical Strategies for Implementation (Part 2)

Online Courses (Live or On-Demand)

  • Onsite Services: Fundamentals of Value and Scope
  • Introduction to Ergonomics 
  • Early Intervention and Workplace Services
  • Sales, Marketing & Negotiation Strategies for the Onsite Therapist
  • Motivational Interviewing Concepts in Occupational Health


Return to Work Clinic Curriculum for Injured Workers. For the Best Care.

In-person Core Programs

  • FCE
  • FJA
  • POET

Online Courses

  • Work Rehabilitation: Gap Analysis and Functional Scorecards
  • Work Rehabilitation: Planning and Recommending Activity Based on Healing Phases
  • Functional Job Descriptions: Identifying Job Demands in the Clinic
  • Recommending Work Modifications

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