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The WorkWell Programs and Training Gave Us the Tools We Needed.

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Provider Profile

WQP: Functional Health & Industrial Rehab Staff

A WorkWell Provider for over eleven years, Campbell County Memorial Hospital (CCMH) continues to successfully utilize the WorkWell programs both within the hospital as well as in the Gillette, WY community.

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Provider Story

“CCMH workers’ compensation costs have decreased over 50% in the last 5 years due to programs the Occupational Health Department has implemented.”

The CCMH Functional Health/ Industrial Rehab staff, which includes fourteen physical and occupational therapists, seven physical and occupational therapy assistants and five additional support staff, have been trained in various WorkWell programs (FCE, FJA, FJD, PWS).   Kristi Wilde, PT states “The WorkWell programs and training gave us the tools we needed to analyze and write job descriptions for nearly 100% of the jobs at CCMH.   The job description information then allowed us to design pre-work and return-to-work screens, to design job specific education programs and to make ergonomic and lifting policy changes within the hospital.   All of this has contributed to a hospital work environment that is safer for employees and ensures that the employees’ physical abilities match the jobs that they do.  The number of serious injuries at CCMH has decreased significantly over the last eleven years.”

The WorkWell programs have not only helped to create and maintain a safer work force and environment, they have also had an impact on CCMH revenues and cost savings, with 10% of hospital income coming from the Functional Health/Industrial Rehab department.  According to Brenda Robertson, Functional Health Supervisor, “CCMH workers’ compensation costs have decreased over 50% in the last 5 years due to programs the Occupational Health Department has implemented.  These programs include ergonomic assessments, immediate assessment of injured employees at the CCMH Walk in Clinic or Emergency Room, and use of pre-work and return-to-work screens developed from our job analysis and functional job descriptions.”

In the Gillette, WY community, CCMH has been equally productive in providing over 30 employers with WorkWell functional job analysis, functional job descriptions, pre-work screens, return- to- work screens and safe work practices education programs.  CCMH works extensively with the mining industry, the gas, oil and pipeline industries, construction, rail transportation and geological testing industries as well as the City of Gillette, WY.  “Between CCMH and our employer clients, we’ve validated more than 350 jobs”, Brenda Robertson reports.  “Our selling points to employers and what employers are willing to pay for is the consistency, validation and quality of our work.”

Campbell County Memorial Hospital is a great example of how WorkWell programs have been successfully utilized for the benefit of CCMH employees as well as for the health and safety of its employer client’s ….Congratulations Campbell County Memorial Hospital!

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