Provider Success Stories

“WorkWell has been a great resource for clinical support, work injury programs, educational materials, equipment vendors, and any other needs I have had. The support from WorkWell is tremendous and I have always felt that I am a part of a great team, a reputable company, and a group of dedicated professionals.”

“These employers really like knowing that we use standardized WorkWell programs that provide functional, objective and accurate information”, states Lou. “We are especially proud of the six-year working relationship we have had with Kellogg’s, the largest cereal manufacturer in the world. “

“Every time I do a WorkWell FCE, I’ve marketed that service to potentially six different people. An FCE could potentially be read by a doctor, insurer, employer, nurse case manager, vocational counselor, or attorney…as well as the FCE client! There is no better marketing tool than delivering a good product and service that provides objective and useful information … ”

“It is so superior to interact with employees in the space where they work and in the exact tasks they have problems with, instead of a mimicked scenario in the clinic.”

“The first nurse that I worked with mentioned that, had we not come on-site, she would have retired much earlier. The cases that we helped with were the ones giving her so much trouble and making work an unfulfilling place.”