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Discover their million dollars plus potential savings in Workers’ Compensation.

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Food Services of America

Learn how this top 5 U.S. food distribution company used pre-work screening to improve the hiring process.

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Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

Read how this international, multi-location company reduced soft tissue injury claims by 59%.

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Crete Carrier Corporation

Learn how WorkWell helped resolve an EEOC issue.

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 Marten Transport

Discover how Marten Transport experienced a 60% drop in musculoskeletal injuries.

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1) What makes WorkWell different?

  1. We are both a worldwide provider training organization and an employer services provider. This means our
    providers are uniquely trained in our copyrighted programs and can provide a high level of service to employers.
  2. Leading edge methodology guided by the latest research and internationally recognized researchers.
  3. We have the largest network of providers in the industry.
  4. We have 25 years of experience in providing services.

2) Can as little as 8 hours of on-site services/ week really reduce my claims costs?

  1. Yes. We have a number of clients who started with 8 hours/week.

3) Can I legally rescind a conditional offer of employment if an applicant cannot perform the essential physical demands of the job?

  1. Yes. Let us explain how.

4) How do I know that a program you design will be legally compliant?

  1. We use a templated process that has been vetted numerous times by our clients’ corporate counsels and conform to all EEOC, ADA and OSHA regulations.
  2. We have never had to go to court to defend a program that we designed.

5) How will I know if your programs are having the desired effect?

  1. We provide detailed, objective outcome reports that use your claims data to monetize program results.

6) How can we know if WorkWell will offer our company a new way of a managing employee compensation risk that will reduce injuries/illnesses and save money?

  1. We provide a complimentary claim analysis to help you discover the return-on-investment.