ErgoStart Program

Ergonomics Assessments, Health Strategies, Education, and Job Modifications to Ensure Employees Can Safely Perform their Work.

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Flexible Assessments to Meet Your Needs

Use evidence-based, compliant information from highly trained physical therapists to confirm that employees can safely perform their jobs throughout the hire-to-retire continuum.

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Anytime Screening

Gain more flexible hiring practices during the labor shortage.


Get recommendations for ergonomics adaptation to optimize task performance.

Mitigate Risk of Injury

Screen at multiple points on the hire-to-retire continuum helps keep employees safe and increases retention.

Provide a Continuum of Wellness Services Throughout the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Remove Friction from the Hiring Process

The dual challenges of a tight labor market and the great resignation have increased stress on hiring. As a result, some organizations have waived traditional post-offer employee testing with concerns that it creates friction during the hiring process. However, individuals not screened before starting work risk musculoskeletal injuries. ErgoStart assessments can be scheduled pre or post worker’s start date, so there is no impact on the worker’s start date and results do not exclude employees from employment or reduce the hiring pool.

remove friction from hiring
reduce injury

Educate to Reduce Injury Risk

ErgoStart includes educational components to help reduce injury risk and promote a culture of safety. Highly trained therapists deliver ongoing job-specific ergonomics, body mechanics education, and work readiness recommendations, even with job changes to optimize task performance.

Plan Progressive Adaptation

ErgoStart identifies potential performance gaps related to specific job tasks. PTs can develop a progressive adaption program that includes job-specific work-readiness conditioning recommendations and ergonomic modifications until fully able to perform the job.

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test throughout lifecycle

Assess Throughout Employee Lifecycle

ErgoStart can be used throughout the hire-to-retire employee lifecycle to help ensure workers can safely perform physical job tasks. Assessing at multiple points on the hire to retire continuum helps keep employees safe, optimizes task performance, and increases retention.


Improve Workplace safety

Improve Workplace Safety

Reduce Workplace Injuries-1

Reduce Workplace Injuries

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Reduce Absenteeism AND Presenteeism

Better Retention

Flexible Hiring

Flexible Hiring

Reduce Corporate Liability

Reduce Corporate Liability

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