Why Managed Services?

Using a managed services provider is the most effective and cost-efficient way for businesses to prevent and treat sprains, strains, and back pain.

Finding a new way forward — together

Organizations are working hard to manage risks today while also looking toward what's next. You’re tasked with managing the day-to-day, while taking on a broader role of creating a world-class safety culture.

To get it all done, you need a partner you can rely on

Our expert resources — along with our analysis, processes, services, and support— provide expert guidance on how to manage and operate a hire-to-retire musculoskeletal wellness program that enhances your safety culture. Our approach can be adjusted and scaled to fit any situation, so you can respond to new demands, lower costs and create a healthier and safer workplace.

Why Choose MSK Managed Services?

Rising musculoskeletal injuries. Reduced productivity. Increasing costs. Complex compliance regulations. At WorkWell, we understand nothing is more important than safe work under any circumstance. We can help.

Inspired by the power of people who care, we work together with clients to prevent and treat sprains, strains, and back pain. While other MSK program providers rely on regional clinics to treat employees, WorkWell offers a comprehensive managed onsite approach that prevents and treats employees by combining pre-employment screening, onsite clinical support, proven and proactive preventative programs, and individualized treatment plans to deliver real results.

Our customized MSK wellness solutions use credentialed therapists to help you reclaim productivity, control costs, and mitigate risk so you can focus on what matters most – providing a safe working environment.

"While the convenience of onsite care saved us time and money, the added benefit to the onsite PT was having them spend time on our production floor, working with employees and department supervisors in real-time to address any ergonomic concerns that might be contributing to MSD symptoms."

Multinational Manufacturer

"WorkWell designed an entire program to meet our needs. They proactively addressed any necessary changes as our job tasks evolved."


"We really appreciated the relationship that PTs built with employees. The program requires almost no maintenance. It practically runs itself."


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