Onsite MSK Clinics

Onsite MSK programs take proactive measures to identify injury risks and treat work-related injuries before impacting people's economic livelihood.

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Why Choose Onsite MSK Clinics?

With workforce injury costs averaging $1B/week in direct and indirect costs, more employers are investing in onsite MSK clinics to lower expenses, reduce absenteeism and presenteeism, and maintain high productivity levels. On average, WorkWell Onsite MSK programs reduce injuries and costs by 50%.

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First aid/screening, early intervention for aches/pains, proactive training and coaching, new role readiness, ergonomics assessment and intervention, proactive worksite rounding.


New injury early intervention, treatment, care coordination, return-to-work planning and testing.


We use an online system to monitor the success of our onsite injury prevention strategies.

Employee Trust Matters

It’s human nature. You trust a familiar face. When employees see onsite therapists every day, it creates a relationship that makes it easy to ask for help and advice, especially when a therapist knows your workplace.

Prevention and Treatment

Managed onsite clinics are staffed by therapists with advanced specialized training to prevent and treat injuries. Clinics not staffed by physical therapists may still prevent injuries; however, they cannot create therapy treatment plans for injured employees. In these cases, employees need to see a physical therapist offsite for a treatment plan that increases costs and reduces productivity when they leave the workplace for visits.

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Ongoing Employee Engagement, Ergonomics, Job Coaching

Onsite therapists continuously refine workplace ergonomics and provide job coaching that discusses best practices for body mechanics, lifting and positioning. Those are the things that will help in the long term prevent injuries from happening in the first place. And if injuries occur, onsite PTs can effectively treat injuries and test to ensure the employee is ready to get back to work.


The WorkFIT program provides a functional test to determine an employee’s readiness for return-to-work activities after an injury or illness to ensure that they can safely perform all of the essential physical requirements of their job. By conducting return-to-work testing, clinicians can identify task modifications, accommodations, or other restricted work options so that employees remain present in the workplace. As a result, employees stay actively engaged with the company, promoting employee retention.

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Maximize Employee perfomance

Maximize Employee Performance

Improve Workplace safety

Improve Workplace Safety

Lower Costs

Lower Costs

Reduce Absenteeism AND Presenteeism

Reduce Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Improve employee wellness AND morale

Improve Employee Wellness and Morale

Reduce Workplace Injuries-1

Reduce Workplace Injuries

Boost Culture AND Employee Trust

Boost Culture and Employee Trust

Reduce Corporate Liability

Reduce Corporate Liability

Help Injured Employees Get Back to Work ASAP

Help Injured Employees Get Back to Work ASAP

"It is wonderful that WaferTech offers me support and access to physical therapists. There are issues that can naturally occur from working where the physical demands can be great. It is convenient to be able to consult with professionals to help decrease any possibilities of long-term musculoskeletal health issues."

WaferTech Employee

"While the convenience of onsite care saved us time and money, the added benefit to the onsite therapist was having them spend time on our production floor, working with employees and department supervisors in real-time to address any ergonomic concerns that might be contributing to MSD symptoms."

Multinational Manufacturer

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