Current WorkWell Quality Provider Members

6 Reasons to Join Easy Train

Easy Train is the next generation of the WorkWell Quality Provider (WQP) membership. It offers a new, simpler experience with the same high quality programs and instructors you expect from WorkWell.

  • Choose what you need - one service or a full training suite
  • Convenient web-based courses- free to all therapists at your site
  • Flexible options: office, home, multiple days/times
  • Flexible format: PC or Mac, desktop or tablet
  • Continuing education credits through FSBPT and AOTA
  • No usage fees for FCE or FJA/POET online documentation and much more

As you assess the benefits of joining, consider these 4 questions:

1. Are you doing lots of FCEs or FJAs? With your current WQP membership, you are paying a fee each and every time you document a report online. With Easy Train, usage fees go away.

2. Do you need training to provide new services? With Easy Train, you can prepare your team for onsite services, ergonomics and more.

3. Are schedules getting more difficult to manage? Easy Train offers all sorts of flexibility. Your team can work training around their schedule which increases engagement and satisfaction.

4. Would a subscription simplify your training? You simply sign and pay monthly or annually, whichever works better for your company.

If you convert today, you can access benefits immediately. Your monthly or annual fee will start on your annual WQP renewal date.

Choose easy with Easy Train today!

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