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Onsite Healthcare Services

Providing workplace injury prevention services for employees

Companies are rapidly adopting onsite programs. Here’s why. A 3:1 to 6:1 ROI along with a 36% reduction in the average employee’s time away from work.

And the space needed is an area as small 8’ x 10.’


Defining Job Needs

Functional Job Descriptions.


First aid/screening, early intervention of aches/pains, training, coaching, work conditioning, ergonomics, worksite scans.


Early intervention of new injury, treatment, care coordination, return-to-work planning.


That ensures “healthcare works for business”.

Onsite Program Results

  • 80% fewer workdays lost
  • 75% fewer PT treatments required
  • Initial treatment cost savings of $4,700 per claim
  • Significantly better work function at the 3-month mark
  • Reduction of indirect costs - days offs, worker replacement, clinic time

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Complimentary Claims Analysis

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