Paper Industry

Worksite PT Clinic – the Easy Way to Fight High Injury Rates

It’s tough to keep employees healthy in an industry that involves working with big equipment and heavy lifting.

The worst culprits for injuries? Pushing paper rolls to slabbing machines. Hand slabbing when not near a machine. Frequent lifting, pushing and pulling.

When you prevent those injuries, that’s the big win. Reduced injury costs. Healthy employees. The fastest path to get there? An onsite injury prevention program.

Onsite Care – Small Footprint, Proven Results

  • Only a 10×10 space and minimal equipment.
  • Results – fewer workdays lost, fewer PT treatments required and savings of thousands per claim. Typical ROI: 3:1 to 6:1.
  • As a managed service, it requires little time when you use an experienced vendor.
  • Employees love the convenience and working with a familiar face. You’ll promote proactive health and create a warm and caring employee experience.

The Big Wins of a Worksite Clinic – Real World Examples

Shifting a Roll of Paper

An employee moved a parent roll to a slabbing machine and began to experience shoulder pain. Onsite PT action: observed employee activity and provided coaching on safe movement to protect the shoulder.

Manual Core Slab

Employee needed to manually slab residual paper and moved his arm in a way that will cause future elbow injury. Onsite PT action: recommended use of pushing slab technique, use of an elbow strap and a different knife to prevent injuries.