Plastics Industry

Worksite PT Clinic – the Easy Way to Fight High Injury Rates

It’s tough to keep employees healthy in an industry that involves working with chemicals and packaging.

The worst culprits for injuries? Loading extruder machines. Cutting and flipping rubber and tires. Reaching across conveyors.

When you prevent those injuries, that’s the big win. Reduced injury costs. Healthy employees. The fastest path to get there? An onsite injury prevention program.

Onsite Care – Small Footprint, Proven Results

  • Only a 10×10 space and minimal equipment.
  • Results – fewer workdays lost, fewer PT treatments required and savings of thousands per claim. Typical ROI: 3:1 to 6:1.
  • As a managed service, it requires little time when you use an experienced vendor.
  • Employees love the convenience and working with a familiar face. You’ll promote proactive health and create a warm and caring employee experience.

The Big Wins of a Worksite Clinic – Real World Examples

Pushing into a Machine

An employee reported wrist discomfort after being transferred into a new area and pushing material into a feeder machine. Onsite PT action: observed the employee perform the work, made suggestions on neutral wrist positioning and discussed micro-breaking during the shift to stretch the wrist and hands. The employee reported the discomfort went away and no claim was ever filed.

Cutting Tires

Flipping and cutting tires required an employee to make a repetitive movement that increased injury risk. Onsite PT action: reviewed worksite and determined that table height required adjustment to prevent injury.