employer services

Helping Employers Prevent Workplace Injuries

Reducing Costs and Workers’ Compensation Claims

WorkWell helps you:

  • Hire people physically qualified to do the job
  • Teach employees to safely perform the job
  • Prevent injury through workplace ergonomic assessment
  • Support safe employee return to work

“I feel much better at work.”

Jonathan O’malley

“I can play with my kids when I get home.”

Charmaine Phillips


  • 25-50% reduction in soft tissue claims
  • Onsite and POET ROI 3:1 to 6:1

Benefits of the WorkWell approach

  • Minimize logistical challenges
  • Maximize quality of prevention/treatment
  • Control costs to maximize ROI
  • Optimize outcomes for employer and employee

Complimentary Claims Analysis

Contact us today for a complimentary return-on-investment projection. We’ll analyze your current claims to uncover improvement opportunities.